15 April, 2012

a big steaming bowl of...

just now, at the monkey household:

moi: trying to do something relatively important on the computer, whilst mister monkey chatters on, and on, and on, running around doing noisy and annoying things.

mr. monkey: blah blah blah

moi: ...

mr. monkey: blah blah blah

moi: !!!

mr. monkey: so, do you want to make a list of things to do tomorrow?

moi: yes: number one - shut the hell up!


Young at Heart said...

hilarious.....sounds like me and my son!!!

Geneviève said...

Geez...sounds like my house too. The going on and on while I try to do something on the computer part. Certainly not the let's-make-a-list part. Can you imagine Bill or Liam making a list?