29 April, 2012

and the word of the day is...

last night we hosted an impromptu gathering at the monkey shack. there was food, there was beer, there was intellectually stimulating conversation and much laughter. there was, most importantly, the frequent and creative use of the oft-ignored word: perineum.

in honour of that marginalised body part, and fuelled by sloshing vats of granville island brewery's robson st. hefeweizen, i extemporized the following haiku:

betwixt two holes
a lonely stretch of skin
the perineum

the best thing about good friends is that you can discuss politics, urban planning, european film, literature and the feminist implications of pornography, and then you can laugh your head off about penis jokes.


Lucy said...

It's a word that's always rather made me wince, and also be glad of my childless (or at least childbirth-free) state. Certain yoga poses require one to place one's heel there.

I've been meaning to say how much I like your profile photo.

the polish chick said...

the funny thing about the perineum is that it so very seldom comes up in conversation and yet when my cousin's wife gave birth to my darling niece, it became an almost daily topic of conversation at the family dinner table because hers got so very badly torn up. funny how privacy went out the window. we had never discussed her privates before and are unlikely to do so again, until their second wee one comes.

like you, i am glad of my childless status.

as for the yoga, i am so inflexible, that it is pretty much impossible for me to put my heel anywhere near my perineum. (yup - just tried, and failed).

thank you for the photo comment. i have since messed up that great haircut but it's only hair and it'll grow back.