29 April, 2012

and the word of the day is...

last night we hosted an impromptu gathering at the monkey shack. there was food, there was beer, there was intellectually stimulating conversation and much laughter. there was, most importantly, the frequent and creative use of the oft-ignored word: perineum.

in honour of that marginalised body part, and fuelled by sloshing vats of granville island brewery's robson st. hefeweizen, i extemporized the following haiku:

betwixt two holes
a lonely stretch of skin
the perineum

the best thing about good friends is that you can discuss politics, urban planning, european film, literature and the feminist implications of pornography, and then you can laugh your head off about penis jokes.

15 April, 2012

a big steaming bowl of...

just now, at the monkey household:

moi: trying to do something relatively important on the computer, whilst mister monkey chatters on, and on, and on, running around doing noisy and annoying things.

mr. monkey: blah blah blah

moi: ...

mr. monkey: blah blah blah

moi: !!!

mr. monkey: so, do you want to make a list of things to do tomorrow?

moi: yes: number one - shut the hell up!