06 March, 2012

new decade

alright forty, do your best!

yes, this should be a meditative post about my last decade, here on the threshold of my new decade, but you know what? i slept poorly, it's been snowing every bloody day for a solid week, and i'm off to work through the snow, so you'll just have to wait until a better time.

oh, and the big news that i teased you with a while back? i applied for grad school. if i get accepted, this september i shall embark on a master's degree in urban planning at the university of calgary, 3h away from home and mister monkey and all the wonderful people that have made my last year so awesome. still, it's been a long time coming and if i don't do this, then i'll be scraping calcified twinkies off people's teeth till i'm 80, and frankly, that prospect makes me suicidal. so there.

thank you for your patience, my poultries, i've been busy, and, if all goes as planned, i'll become busier still, but i will try to toss the odd post here. toodloo!


Geneviève said...

You know, the university departments that compete with dental hygiene should hire you to work their booth at career fairs.

And I think 40 is the perfect age to make a drastic life change. Happy birthday and can't wait to hear about grad school.

Love ya,

Zhoen said...

Huzzah. Education

Sorry, Moby says Hi.

Education is never wasted. Life begins at 50.

the polish chick said...

thank you for your support ladies, and zhoen, rub moby's tummy for me, if he'll let you. i'm feeling mellowed by cheap champagne (or "shampoo" as we like to call it) and well disposed towards man and beast.

g, that would be my PERFECT job, telling people the truth about twinkie-debridement. why, just today i told a patient whose wife is considering nursing and dental hygiene, for god's sake, go into nursing!

crusty juggler said...

For your birthday I got completely wasted on Scotch, alone. You're welcome. You rock! Woo!

Anonymous said...

Wszystkiego najlepszego i congratulations on the grad school! Lucy (delurking for the first time I think)

the polish chick said...

thank you, lucy! not sure if you're delurking for the first time or not - i have had other lucys comment here, so unless you give me more detail (year, make, serial number) then i won't know. nevertheless, hi, welcome, welcome, and congratulations on your delurking!

Lucy said...

Happy birthday and bravo. I predict that being busier you will in fact blog more often.

What about chiropody, how do you think peeling off corns compares with scraping tartarous stuff off teeth?

(I'm far too much of a blog-tart and a show-off to lurk, here anyway. I do lurk in a few places, come to think, but not here).

Zhoen said...

Moby loves his bellyrubs, sends purrs back.

Young at Heart said...

wow.....well done and good luck!!

the polish chick said...

young at heart, thank you. if your "well done" is regarding my 40th, then really, i did nothing but breathe in and out regularly and fail to get myself killed.

as for grad school, if you knew how bloody long it took me to get to this point, you'd smack me instead. but thank you just the same.

Terrence Flendersen said...
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