12 February, 2012

mad mad men

we were watching mad men last night, an episode where don draper says a rather curt goodbye to yet another mistress and we got to talking about our personal favourites. mine's joy, i don't know why, but there's something rather charming about her. mr. monkey was really taken with suzanne and could not understand don draper breaking up with her over the phone.

mr. monkey: i don't know, if it was me i'd go over there. i'd do it in person. i'd give her some money,  i'd say "please...please...go buy yourself some cake."

which, i'm certain, would fix everything.


Tony said...

I've always been a big fan of Midge, but Kuba was on to something there.


the polish chick said...

tony, we're not onto midge yet. only starting season 4 now.

i liked joy because she seemed curiously unaffected - one of the things that drives me nuts about the mad men women in general and betty draper in particular, is their plasticity, their barbie fakeness and constant self-control. joy seemed to be free, but i suppose when you're a filthy rich euro-trash brat you can afford to be free.

Tony said...

Midge was his first, in season one. She'll resurface again.

the polish chick said...

ah yes, she was the beatnik artsy type living in a garret.

Young at Heart said...

love MadMen....love cake....can't wait for next series!!

Alison Cross said...

*whispers* I don't watch Mad Men. I know. i don't understand why I don't watch it either.

I am quite besotted by Homeland - new on Channel 4 here. You got it yet?

Dead good.

Ali x