21 February, 2012

joke stolen from my father's facebook wall, translated swiftly and shared joyfully

 -george, why so glum?
- you haven't heard? fred's dead!
- what?! really?! how?!
- the day before yesterday, he came home, had a stiff drink, lied down and lit a fag and the bedding caught fire...
- he burned to death!?
- no, he had time to open the window and jump out...
- and he smashed to death?
- no. he had called the fire department and they pulled out a rubber jump net and he jumped into it.
- and it broke?
- no... he somehow bounced back and flew back into his house...
- and he burned to death!
- no! he bounced off the window frame and fell...
- onto the sidewalk?
- no! the firetruck was covered with a tarp. he hit the tarp, bounced off and flew back through the window.
- and died?
- no... he fell, bounced off the jump net again and fell back into the apartment!
- you're fucking joking! so how did fred die?
- they shot him: he was starting to piss them off....


Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved it! That'll larn 'im. Well it did, didn't it?

Geneviève said...

Hehe...that's a good one!

Alison Cross said...

I looooooove that!!!