02 February, 2012

cold and alone in the night (in theory)

i am a member of the condo board in my building and tonight we had our monthly meeting. the meeting took 3 hours (we were discussing the various kinds of stupidity that cause people to flood things, but that's besides the point) (yes, there's a point) (wait for it). i got home and found mr. monkey fast asleep, clutching my cell phone. when i went in to give him a kiss, he sleepily handed it to me, all toasty warm:

moi: why are you sleeping with my phone?

mr. monkey: it was ringing. and i got scared: i thought you couldn't get into the building.

moi: why didn't you answer it?

mr. monkey: i forgot. i fell asleep.

moi: so i'm still standing out there? cold and alone?

mr. monkey: don't worry, i'll get you in the morning.

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