21 January, 2012

i'm sorry, what did you just say?

on facebook, on our private book club group chat, but a few short hours ago:

ms. implants: hmmmm. the book is not available at chapters ....

moi: but it is at the library.

ms. ten thousand dollar chest:  i don't do library.

and then my head exploded again because this woman is a teacher. of children. she doesn't "do" library but is willing to spend 5K per breast (what? me? judge? mais oui! everyone needs a hobby!)? thank christ my ovaries are shrivelled up and dusty because... well, because... sorry, interwebs, i'm stumped. to have to explain to a grown woman that portugal is not exactly in south america is bad enough; to have to find out that a teacher doesn't "do" library is grounds for immediate removal of self from society of said teacher. book club, i think this is good bye.

1 comment:

Geneviève said...

Jeez...time to say goodbye indeed. Anyone who doesn't "do library" should probably not be in a book club in the first place. But then how would she get an audience to talk about her implants? Say goodbye.