23 January, 2012

an emoticon for a banana ) (or (, depending on which way it is facing)

i don't see why i ought feel bad about being an intellectual snob - you don't see the vociferous ignoramuses of the world expressing any kind of shame, do you?


Zhoen said...

Why would they? They are not smart enough to understand how dumb they are.

Mother Theresa said...

So, what's the emoticon for eating the banana? ;)

puncturedbicycle said...


Some of them seem quite proud of it (a la your 'I don't do library' friend).

It makes me feel better to imagine that it's their deeply buried insecurity about their lack of intellect that makes them want to pretend they choose ignorance, but your mileage may vary.

the polish chick said...

:O ) ?

Lucy said...

Has someone said you should then?

In fact I don't think I've ever observed you saying anything here that might earn you that label; exasperation at people's wilful ignorance doesn't equate to intellectual snobbery anyway, even if such a thing were bad.

the polish chick said...

well, lucy, i think it's best to be honest: yes, i am one. i roll my eyes at people's stupidity a lot. sometimes it happens so fast i can't even hide it and then i feel terrible (well, baddish).

when the whole portugal comment was initially made my reaction was as unchristian and uncharitable and unforgiving as possible. it really took all of my self-control not to say, are you fucking kidding me, dumbass? which would not have been very polite, now would it?