25 January, 2012

because wine lubricates social intercourse and who doesn't like well lubricated intercourse?

numbers rule (except words rule more):

3. when it's -45C with windchill and you're wearing no hat and your sexy little coat is open and your shoes have stiletto heels, you don't look lovely: you look like a complete moron.

7. when it's -45C with windchill, furry earflap hats are sexy.

1. why? i'm still not sure but the guessing keeps life interesting.

3/4. apparently some people do not realise that fractions denote dividing one number into another. i have it on good authority that some of these people will be administering your chemotherapy drugs in the near future. time to invest in a good solid firearm, non?

25. i am in the middle of changing my life dramatically. once i get shit done, i will tell you all about it. but - it's not divorce (dudes! i LOVE my mister monkey!) and it's not a goddamn baby.

57721.4 i am sitting on my couch, listening to my music and it feels good. as i said to crusty juggler earlier "really, all one needs for true happiness is the right chemical cocktail floating through your blood stream!"

9. who doesn't like baby animals? even though sometimes the cuteness makes you want to kick someone. hard.

18. can i be done now? ok, then. i'm done now.

[free-floating asterisked bit removed by author]

edit. note: the asterisked bit at the end that meant nothing can be attributed to one thing and one thing only: drinking and writing (wait, that's two things! i always said i was bad at math.) i have now erased it to avoid confusion, thank you to crusty juggler whose sharp eye and quick wit have saved the day. phew!


Lucy said...

I saw some really nice furry earflap hats in Decathlon sale earlier in the week and really fancied one, but it just isn't cold enough. I would not look sexy just hot and bothered.

Joan said...

Dramatic change?! Can't wait!

Geneviève said...

You always look sexy darlin'! And I can't wait either.