24 January, 2012

another crusty juggler chat (don't worry, c.j., all the embarrassing bits have been deleted!)

moi: i only like to embarrass myself...and stupid people (regarding the whole portugal debacle*)

yay! my show is on!

crusty juggler: which?

moi: the signal, on the radio, my first love!

crusty juggler: ah, i naturally assumed tv.

moi: you would.

crusty juggler: i can't seem to bring myself to listen to the radio without anything visual going on...like the tv on mute or something. it's a sickness.

moi: you are a strange one. you can do shadow puppets!

crusty juggler: i'm very visual. like a dude. dude's need constant visual stimulation according to the studies. why did i put that apostrophe there? nevermind.

moi: YOU!!! bad girl! your so dumb, lol.**

crusty juggler: hey!

moi: that's ok, once when talking to g i said "for mr. monkey and i" and then just about had a coronary.

crusty juggler: but you were likely the only one who noticed.

moi: nope. i made such a stink about it the entire restaurant noticed. had i been japanese i would have fallen on my sword... or fork, as the case may be.

*mr. monkey's facebook status tonight: "where is portugal? does anybody know?" to which those out of the loop responded earnestly, while those in the know (crazy joan, i'm looking at you, dahling!) referred the reader back to my book club for answers.

**i certainly hope that at this point in the proceedings i need not tell you that neither the "your" nor the "lol" were seriously meant, right? good, i thought not.

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