20 December, 2011

why i possibly need to ease off the wine or never ever chat/skype with friends when drinking

moi: hi, i'm here with my friend and we're having wine. how you is/ crusty juggler: what the what? thought you were out!
moi: back here now. showed your pic to my roman friend/  want to say hi? crusty juggler: ok, errrr Hi! moi: get om sjkyle
crusty juggler: i'm not familair with S.J. Kyle, but I'll try moi: skjyle?  what the fuck? crusty juggler: that's the guy!
then we talked on skype (apprently) then 10 more minutes elapsed.
moi: sorry dude, i'm drunk. she's gone now and i have no recollection of phoning you.  god, bboze is bad  or good  it makes you think happy unicorn thoughtsand rainbows out the ass crusty juggler: when did you phone me? you mean skype? if you mean skype which we just spoke on, then I think you should get thee to a hospital for alcohol poisoning moi: shut up!!!  phone/skype  whatevs!
is all techonlololology crusty juggler: okay! you do remembe the past 10 minutes though, no? moi: what?  why?  what happened? crusty juggler: we conversed on skype  we said important things moi: oooh!  imporrant thangs  !
crusty juggler: dude! you are so wasted! moi: that sounds... impirrant  possibly  i haven't had much to drink lately crusty juggler: maybe that's why T was ignoring your calls... moi: so we only had 1.5 bottle of wine, IF that crusty juggler: sometimes it only takes a wee bit!
moi: especially if you haven't had any booze in like a week  which is moi  hard to believe, i know  i like my roma friend, she is nice crusty juggler: EXXactly. anyway, Rome friend sounds nice - although I hope you only showed her the good photos of me moi: also, she is not drinkig as much as usual. you only take GOOD photos  fuck! crusty juggler: Right!  anyway, i hope she's not a bad drink influcence moi: you is seriously nice looking what with your metabolism and blue eys and all crusty juggler: i am pretty great. moi: don't know which way that goes. you are!!!
crusty juggler: uh-huh. moi: uh0h crusty juggler: what'd you do? moi: uh - HUH crusty juggler: oh moi: whaddya mean? crusty juggler: this is a great conversation. transcripts please! moi: wanna talk like for realz?  oh yes. crusty juggler: ok, lemme get on it moi: fuck.  call?  skjpeuuueee? crusty juggler: yarp  yarp again moi: yarp


Alison Cross said...

I *know* it's in English, but I think I might need a litre and a half of wine to kinda get in the swing for it.

But so many questions! Have you now encountered Rome Friend? Is Rome friend lovely? Is Crusty Juggler still speaking to you? Did you manage to get the Skype thing up and running?

*pops open a packet of crisps and pours self celebratory Christmas sherry and settles down for next installment*

the polish chick said...

rome friend was there for the first bit of the conversation, then left. we will see her again for sure.

rome friend is quite nice.

crusty juggler is not only still speaking to me, she is coming to spend 2 weeks with us over christmas and new year. hopefully she'll find me more comprehensible live.

skype was used but i don't remember what was said.

ali-x, remember - if you are going to consume wine, make sure you EAT that day and it also helps if you SLEEP the night before.

i think it was as bad as it was because i had eaten next to nothing that day and was running on 5h sleep (i normally require 8+).

Joan said...

That conversation was painful! And funny!

the polish chick said...

what was painful was the next morning. and all day at work. ugh.