14 December, 2011

let's clarify things a bit

ok, some of you know me, some of you only know me through this here thing. in the interest of full disclosure, i must admit that i took some artistic license with that there last angry post. because while yes, i was indeed sitting and sweating and burbling over with the kind of anger that only comes from paying someone to make you hurt, i also want you to know that i am an avid walker (i know few people who walk as much or as enthusiastically as i do on as regular a basis), i do not subsist on cheezee puffs™, coca cola and a jar of mr. mallard's marshmallow fluff™. i do not live the kind of sedentary lifestyle that characterises a scary portion of north america where the day's exertion comes from a scooter ride between couch and refrigerator. i eat chips roughly once a year, mcdonald's once every two and the worst thing you can find in my pantry is polish chocolate covered prunes. i do indeed hoover seasonal fruits with a dedication that is akin to obsession, and i love salad, for which i make my own vinaigrette. so please don't picture me as one of the latest denizens of wal-mart because although i do wear sweat pants around the house, they are of the kind that make my ass look FAH!bulous (g will back me up on this, won't you, g?). and also, red wine has anti-oxidants in it.

just so we all know where we all stand. ok?

also, jesus christ, my ass sure does hurt today. i love you, zumbitch!


Geneviève said...

I confirm that your ass looks great in Lululemon pants.

Geneviève said...

Chocolate prunes?? They're just big raisins, are they not?