29 November, 2011

a horse is a horse, of course, of course

we just spent a glorious week in puerto vallarta and seemed to have hit a time of many parades. one night as we left our favourite watering place* we saw that the boardwalk had again been set up for a parade. we turned to the friendly bouncer to find out what was going on. obviously his english wasn't perfect:

mr. monkey: what's going on here tonight?
bouncer: parade of dancing horse.
mr. monkey (to me): awesome! it's a parade of dancing whores!
moi: look! there's one! (there was a young woman in an excessively short skirt and equally excessively high heels looking on with a bored look on her even more excessively made-up face)

sadly it was horses. twice as sadly, really, because i think mexican dancing whores would have been totally awesome and because i hate it when animals are made to do stupid things.

*delicious and boozy margaritas for a buck - what's not to like?


Mouse said...

personally I think whores and horses both interesting, having had little contact with the former and a great deal with the latter

the polish chick said...

hello mouse, welcome, welcome. good to see a new face around here, especially someone with equal measure of enthusiasm for things both equine and meretricious!

equine clothing said...

mouse, lol.

i was just thinking combining the two might make a more impressive parade? on second thoughts you are right, i do hate it when animals are made to look stupid, they have no choice really, until they bite!

the polish chick said...

hi EQ, welcome, welcome.

while i agree that a parade of dancing whores and horses would be far more interesting than the horses alone, i still would feel awkward for the sake of the poor prancing ponies. oddly enough, the concept of poor prancing prostitutes doesn't seem to bug me as much. and they, too, can bite (might cost extra, though).