10 November, 2011

must be the moon

you know, i really ought to do the nomoblogomofo or whatever it's called, because i seem to be posting once a month and i tend to do well with deadlines, even self imposed ones. perhaps next november, then. if i live, that is.

tonight, mr. monkey and i were coming home from a pizza dinner, it was a lovely mild* moonlit night and my mind was... well, not sure really, but not here. not here at all.

we walked along a major downtown street, the traffic still fairly heavy and i decided to cross. i looked at the ground and lo, saw two stripes indicating a pedestrian crossing. and so i started to cross, feeling all warm and fuzzy thinking how lovely it was to live here where people are so very polite and (almost) always stop for pedestrians** and thus i made it almost halfway across the street before being yanked back by mr. monkey who grabbed my hood and yelled, "what the hell?!" or something suchlike. turns out that along with the lovely painted crosswalk lines, there were also traffic lights. which were most distinctly not in my favour. right there and then i became one of those annoying people who cross wherever and whenever they feel like. thing is, usually they're scruffy street people high on glue or mouthwash.

now, boys and girls, i know that in large metropolitan areas like manhattan and chicago, people cross when they reach critical mass, and traffic lights have very little to do with it. we're not like that here. in fact, after living in chicago i found it charmingly quaint, this standing around and waiting for a crosswalk light to change when there wasn't a single car around. but for the most part, i'm all law-abiding and shit. except today. today, i took my life in my hands and stepped out into the chasm and the city let me live.

i have no idea what happened and why but i'll blame the moon.

*by our sub-arctic standards that is, all you europeans out there would have frozen your buns off, but we's made of sterner stuff. also, we're fucking mad to live here.

**they most certainly did not in chicago. even at a crosswalk. festooned with large fluorescent "YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS" signs. and flashing lights. nope. not even a little bit.


Zhoen said...

My favorite part about Boston, jaywalking is not a misdemeanor, it's a civil right. But one did have to watch out for taxis (the sharks of the streets) and Mercedes - because the rules of society don't apply to them.

Alison Cross said...

*nods head knowingly* Mercury Retrograde. It may be a planet in a distant galaxy or something, but when that sucker looks like he's travelling backwards, you can be sure of this sort of thing.

This morning I was brushing my hair, the brush snagged on a tug and shot out of my hand and straight down the toilet.

Mercury Retrograde.