05 November, 2011

i don't gots the skillz

you know, sometimes i really wish i could see better through binoculars. like right now, for instance. there's  a couple making out in the building across the back alley from us and everything i see is blurry. damn!

update: went to mr. monkey to complain and he came and sharpened the focus for me. sadly, they seem to be doing more talking than getting it on. come on, people! life is short! can your conversation be that good?

epilogue: when they really got busy, they turned off the lights. selfish bastards!


Zhoen said...


the polish chick said...

wow. i love it that you're enabling my voyeurism.

then again, lest i feel too badly about all this, people who make out in well lit rooms facing a whole inhabited high rise really cannot be hoping for too much privacy.

Alison Cross said...

Selfish sods - to lead you on and abandon you by putting the lights out. How dare they!

Once, when I lived in Glasgow, in a big old tenement building, we were watching tv in the dark (as you do) and we noticed a very brightly lit room across the road from us.

We were stunned when a heftily -built man entered the room - bollock-naked and began to pirouette around the place.

Unfortunately my flatmate slammed on the light so that she could go and rustle up the others in the flat to the sight.....and he saw all our activity and promptly closed his curtains.

He never did it again.

Not with the curtains open and the lights on, anyway.

Ali x

the polish chick said...

i know! so selfish! and your flatmate didn't really think things through when she turned on the lights, did she?

i believe i blogged about walking home one summer's eve and seeing a couple getting it on on the balcony. it was like a porn flick - a new position every 30 seconds, although, in their defence, i can't imagine that balcony sex can be very comfortable. the funniest thing was that after they eventually (and selfishly) went inside, we noticed a neighbour several balconies down, standing there, looking up at them and leisurely smoking a sort of post-coital cigarette.

Geneviève said...

I had exactly that happen to me. I was pretending to cook the other day as I watched (from the corner of my eye) the couple across the way. But they eventually turned the lights off. Geez...how's a a girl supposed to get through the humdrum routine of making lunches?

Lucy said...

I have that binocular problem too. I now find that a good zoom on the camera and one can study the images with further digital zoom on the screen at one's leisure later.

But then again I really only ever get to look at birds and other non-human wildlife anyway. Ain't that the sad truth.

the polish chick said...

oh lucy, you make me feel like a full-time voyeur, which i'm not. i'm more of an opportunistic voyeur - i don't seek these things out, but if someone chooses to have sex in the window (or balcony) right in front of my face, well, i will look... purely as anthropological research.

Lucy said...

No truly, if I had anything so interesting to look at I'd look too, (though I probably wouldn't actually take photos) but if you'd seen the state of my neighbours it's probably just as well they don't expose themselves thus.

In the block of flats across from where we lived in Cheltenham there was a woman who was into naked ironing in front of a large window, usually with her back to it but she did turn round once. That's about it for my career in voyeurism.