05 November, 2011

me, only better(er)

how can you not lose respect for yourself when it's almost 1am and you've just spent the last three hours watching back episodes of cougar town*, haven't had a drop of wine** and suddenly find yourself thinking that your life would have surely been so much better if you had only decided to grow your bangs out sooner.

because yes, my life is so much more awesome now that i've grown out my bangs. oh yes. whereas i used to be a wreck, now i am strong. whereas i used to fall apart under the tiniest bit of stress, now i am a rock and cruise right through all the vicissitudes that life chooses to drop in my way***. whereas i knew not who i was and where i was heading, now i have a firm sense of both self and direction. all because i no longer have to worry about my bangs. oh yes.

um, not really. but wouldn't it be nice?

this, if i choose to take it as such, is a little lesson that i ought to internalise and apply to my dreams of the brilliant magical future i will inhabit once i have lost those annoying 20lbs. oh yes, then i will really be somebody!

um, not really. but wouldn't it be nice?

*LOVE that show. really. it's my crack.
**well, just half a glass, much earlier on but then i lost my will to live open another bottle.
*** a cruising sort of rock. surely there is such a thing!


Zhoen said...


the polish chick said...

tee hee.

Geneviève said...

Why do we do this to ourselves? The stars will never totally be aligned and yet that's my favourite excuse for inaction. And add to that the fact that in 10 years you will look back and say "man, I was hot back then...what was my problem?". If 40 is the new 20 (is the show really that good?) then I should start acting like it instead of walking around in "comfort clothes" and cleaning the fridge to give me a sense of accomplishment in life.

the polish chick said...

the show is fluffy and goofy and funny and filled with likeable characters and nicely tied up endings, in short, it is precisely the kind of escapism that one needs occasionally.

in food terms, i'd say it is a very good boutique cupcake, as opposed to the dry tasteless cupcakes of the grocery store which is most sitcoms.

Geneviève said...

Sounds like something I'd have to watch sans B. Mind you he eventually got hooked on Sex and the City.

Anonymous said...

What are "bangs" and how do you grow them out?

Naive of Lancaster

the polish chick said...

hi looby, welcome, welcome (standard formula for all welcomings).

bangs are called the fringe in your neck of the woods (or so i believe). they are the shorter bit of hair that covers foreheads on girls, women and some south american tribes. growing them out involves an interminable length of time, a lot of swearing and various hair implements and did i mention the emotional pain and suffering?

hope that helps.