25 October, 2011

think first, speak second... or the other way around!

last night in bed:

moi: so, crusty juggler just told me she's flying down to see us for christmas!

mr. monkey: great! is she flying down... on a plane?

moi: ... yes, i imagine she will be using a plane.

mr. monkey: good, good.


Alison Cross said...

oh yes - I used to get that when I said that I'd flown down to Birmingham for our Tarot Conference.

'In a PLANE' I'd add reassuringly as their wee faces creased into concerned folds, in case I'd shot down on the broom.

Ali xxxx

Geneviève said...

Mr. Monkey is always so clever at asking questions with obvious answers. He reminds me of my son when he was three. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

the polish chick said...

in his defence, he was half asleep. but writing that down would have detracted from the humour of the situation, so i left it out.