07 October, 2011


the phone rang during the early part of the dinner party. because you never know, i picked it up.

moi: hello?

person: hello, may i talk to mister monkey?

moi: may i ask who's calling?

person: i am calling from your bank XXX.

moi: is this important? we are in the middle of a dinner party.

person: oh, is this a cellular phone?

moi: yes. yes it is. we have no other phone.

person: our regulations do not allow us to call you on a cellular phone. we will not be calling you again.

moi: oh. ok. bye.

person: good bye.

and that's that.


Lucy said...

Weird shit happens.

Your grub sounds good, as always.

Geneviève said...

I guess you'll never know what that was all about. If it's important you'll surely get a Final Notice in the mail three months from now.