25 September, 2011

escalating violence

i used to get endlessly frustrated with edmonton's crowds for not being able to grasp the very simple concept that places like chicago and vancouver have down pat - on an escalator, you stand on the right and walk on the left. the end. not that hard a concept to grasp, but i suppose we're only now becoming a big big city (for years we were a small big city) and don't have all that crowd management thing internalised yet.

then a week or so ago i was in toronto and came to the shocking realisation that toronto, despite being a very big big city, has no clue about escalator etiquette.

yes, in the context of the economic melt-down of the EU, the looming collapse of the US, not to mention all that africa and the middle east have on offer as far as disasters, human rights violations and tyranny, this may not be much, but it's my blog and i can write about those little things if i want to.

so, where do you stand on the escalator?


Zhoen said...

On the right. Always.

Geneviève said...

Ditto for me. Obviously.

Joan said...

Did not know the escalator rule but it makes sense!