29 August, 2011

today my face has:

  • tired fishy eyes, still arguably my best feature (if you ignore my brain, which i kinda like but, for now, it remains encased in bone and skin and hair and blood and stuff so you can't see how swell it is, you just have to imagine).
  • zits. lots and lots of zits. i think that when i said/wrote/thought that i have lately been pining for the carefree days of childhood, some evil bourbon-swilling fairy unsteadily waved her magic wand in my direction and gave me the complexion of a 14 year old. she did not take away my wrinkles, the bitch.
  • a vague sense of something about to change, whether it's me or the world around me. it is not any sort of wooo-oooo presentiment or anything, more of a shift in the air, a feeling that perhaps one day in the near future i will make a decision and possibly start walking down a different path. i am not being cryptic: i have no idea what i mean. i could be wrong. perhaps it's just the vague discomfort of my premenstrual ovaries that i've taken to be something more. who the hell knows? not me, that's who.
  • not had a drink. no, really.


Geneviève said...

Weird. I feel something in the air too. I felt really young on Sunday. You know how they say that 40 is the new 20. I kind of understood it for a few hours. I was giddy, like there are so many things I could do. Now I'm back to the routine of work and supper and shopping for school supplies.

Alison Cross said...

Seize the feeling and make a change!