29 August, 2011

hey, listen!

i hate to leave you all nervous about making any kind of noise when you are being dentally manipulated. what i meant, when i said what i said about the thing that i said it about, is the kind of sustained and guttural grunting generally associated with naked sweaty ass action, not dental discomfort, so unless you make naked sweaty ass action grunting noises whilst under the care of your dental professional (and if you do - what is wrong with you?), don't worry about it.

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Geneviève said...

Oh good. I was scared to go back. To be fair, they were (unintentionally) inflicting some real pain. It felt like jolts of electricity going through my brain. The pain was momentary but intense. Please change professions so that I don't need to keep associating you with pain. I'm kidding of course.