18 May, 2011

whilst out on our daily walkies

moi (about something whose importance has been lost in the mists of time): i've loved you almost 13 years now!

mr. monkey: almost 13 years? almost? obviously i loved you longer!

moi: what? we met and you loved me immediately?

mr. monkey (defiantly): yes!

moi: you didn't even remember my name!!! "i don't know who that bitch is, but i love her!"

mr. monkey: yes! you'll have to make it up to me that i loved you longer. in fact, i might have to die sooner so you can make it up to me!

moi: bastard!


Alison Cross said...

My god, can we change husbands? Mr Monkey sounds a much better bet than Tartarus.

Tartarus was most definitely last in the queue when romantic inclinations were being doled out.

Ali x

word verification: amorat = Arnold Schwarzeneger (I cannot even spell it)

the polish chick said...

well ali, not to sound like a total dork, that man is pretty damn special. although the conversation in this post was far from romantic. it was more of a creaky exchange of grievances between two old farts who've been together a long time.

Geneviève said...

I guess Bill and I can die at the same time (perhaps by jumping off a cliff holding hands when we're old and in diapers) because we fell in love at precisely the same moment. Give or take a minute. So one of us may in fact need to jump first to account for that minute.

Anonymous said...

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