16 May, 2011

um...not exactly

last night at the monkey house:

mr. monkey: so, when you get a facial, they put wet rags on your face and then squeeze out your blackheads, right?

moi: uncontrollable laughter

mr. monkey: what? no?

moi: um...not exactly. why, you want a facial?

mr. monkey: yes.


Alison Cross said...

oooh put hot flannels on his face and squeeze out his blackheads!!!! That sounds like a nice evening of primate fun with Mr Monkey.

It could maybe even extend to a bit of blackhead squeezing on his back?

I'd quite enjoy that. Better than the telly anyway.

Ali x

puncturedbicycle said...

Oh yeah, I'm with Alison. My partner isn't really spotty enough for a whole evening's entertainment. One of his few shortcomings, but cosmetically better than the alternative. Silver linings.