05 March, 2011

sweet lord, is it hot in here or is it just the sheep?

1. i still feel the need to dance. jools, wait for me, i'm coming soon and when i do, you can take me out. then again, going out dancing in the midst of an edmonton winter (yes, i am aware that it's march. ever been to edmonton in march? exactly.) can be a trifle challenging: attempting to unearth a sexy sleek booty-shaking self from under several layers of sorrel boots, drymax socks, moisture-wicking long johns, fur-lined pants and hats with earflaps is not easy.

2. i have had one glass of wine and feel totally hooped. you can hardly blame it on lack of practice. hey! i know! let's blame the fact that i spent all day on an open-computer exam on jurisprudence. no, i don't know what that is either, and i got 97% on the exam! and it only took me 7 hours! 7 hours of perusing government websites, dental hygiene publications on ethics, continuing competence (i promise to continue to be competent!), restricted duties and all manner of fun and exciting things that are even duller than teeth. imagine that: duller. than. teeth. i know!

3. i have (re)discovered a sympathetic soul recently who not only has a strikingly similar taste in music, films and highly inappropriate humour, but also manages to lust after the exact same fictional men. there is also the bonus of her being a hoot and then some! this sort of thing is rare and i appreciate it. i really, really do. she got me addicted to black books and i strongly encourage you to go and get yourself a fix. seriously now. GO!

4. a and i have come up with a couple of things that hipsters have failed to appropriate in their annoying ironic way: acid-wash jeans and comb-overs. if you're a hipster who's had it with the 80's glasses and tiny john deere t-shirts, have at'er. and i'm not talking about skinny acid-wash jeans either (a just informed me she spied one in vancouver on a recent outing): it's got to be the real thing, all tapered and acidy and hideous. as for the ironic comb-over, i think it's an idea whose time has come. come on, COME ON!!!

5. this. (tony, the vocalist is martina sorbara. go figure! she's shaved her armpits too!) i cannot stop listening to it. see 1. above. i can totally see myself rhythmically shedding my mukluks to this tune. in fact, once you go away, i will crank up my i-pod and rock out in the kitchen. oh yeah.


Crusty Juggler (a.k.a. "a") said...

Re:#5: That's some fun arse-shaking stuff from some cool-looking chick. Makes me wanna rip my own stockings. I can't believe she's younger than me. I must start wearing much more makeup.
Re:#4: Way to spread the word! Help the Hipsters.
Re:#3: Right back atchoo, sister!

the polish chick said...

hey hey hey! crusty juggler, welcome to the forum!

the funny thing is (gee, i'm just full of funny things) is that we first saw her at the folk fest, hairy armpits, guitar and all. she's changed some, yes.

turns out i also need to wear much more makeup and get me some razor sharp cheekbones! yowza!

Country Gent said...

Hmm. Well, she was a fiery minx way back but I prefer the little hippie and her slammin' guitar.

the polish chick said...

you would. that's the way you are! and it's a-ok.

Geneviève said...

Liam was quite intrigued by the video too ;-) That sone plays on The Beat apparently. Clearly, I'm not nearly as hip as you are. Blue Rodeo doesn't play on The Beat.