27 March, 2011

open letter

dear american apparel,

please stop with your ads already. they make me profoundly uncomfortable in a way i am unable to articulate properly which just adds to the discomfort. at their best they're ugly and at their worst they bring to mind the sort of second rate porn from third world countries where the end result, rather than arousal, is pity. your clothes are poorly made, unforgivably unattractive, deeply unflattering and let me tell you, if i want to see "real" people in tight ugly clothes, why, i can just go to wal-mart, or, in a pinch, strip down to my plain jane underwear, strike an awkward pose, make a "don't give a fuck" face and look in the mirror - yes, i realise i am not 21 and an aspiring mime in new york city, but it'll be close enough.

please and thank you,


p.s. obviously, i'm not the only one who feels this way. sorry to be obvious, but something about ironic hipster nipples in my face first thing in the morning just threw me off.


Zhoen said...

Ah, the advantages of not reading current magazines and ignoring all ads, I really don't know what you are referring to. Of course, now I have to go and look, so I'll just take that gratitude back, now.

Lucy said...

I too have received an education, of sorts, since I had to follow the link...

the polish chick said...

zhoen, lucy, i apologise. i really do.

i don't have a tv and only read independent weeklies, but these ads are really hard to ignore. they are popping up everywhere, larger than life and butt ugly. in fact my favourite weekly usually devotes its entire back page to contortionist teenagers in ugly socks on a regular basis. yes, i suppose i could simply not read it, but then where would i be?

Geneviève said...

Very effective advertising strategy. Everybody remembers seeing them (well, except for Zhoen and Lucy ;-). And yes, they are ugly.