16 March, 2011

the one about the dream about a very small ape and a very sexy man and some beets for roughage

last night i dreamed two things of some importance.

one, was a very small gorilla. it was roughly 5 inches tall fully grown and it climbed all over my hand, tickling me with its fur. it was adorable and gave teacup pigs a run for their money (do teacup pigs have money? if not, why not?).

the second thing was nathan fillion serving me what he called porridge, but what actually consisted of oats, soba noodles and big slices of pickled beets. it tasted exactly like what you'd expect a mixture of oats, soba noodles and big slices of pickled beets to taste, i.e. not very good.

unsurprisingly, i was rather angry at Night Brain for bringing in the extremely delicious nathan fillion, and then having him serve me odd and rather disturbing foodstuffs, and doing it fully clothed. Night Brain, you've aced casting, but you really need to hire some better script writers, because this thing was worse than avatar, and that, my friends, is saying something. yes, Night Brain - next time you blow the budget on the big guns, i want to be able to walk away with something other than a wondrously bizarre breakfast recipe, if you know what i mean, and i think that you do, what with being my brain and all.


Geneviève said...

What a very cruel night brain. But could have been worse. Brain could have selected someone not quite so yummy to serve you the yucky food.

Lucy said...

I think the beets and the soba noodles might have been ok without the oats.

My night brain embarrasses me on a fairly regular basis. But I love it anyway.

Alison Cross said...

Night brain! I like that expression very much.

My night brain has been playing some very disturbing movies inside my head of late. I put it down to burning some incense before I put down my Donny Osmond autobiography.

My God....it couldn't be the DONNY OSMOND book that is causing my disturbing mares of the night, could it?!


Crusty Juggler said...

Allow me to explain. Teacup pigs don't have any money because they would just spend it all on gummy bears and lollipops. They can't be trusted.
Because of your Night Brain I now have a yen for pickled beets.
Also, Night Brain is not to be trusted.