18 February, 2011

this is your captain speaking, we have reached cruising altitude and... holy crap! flying monkeys!!!

ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for impact. i think i might be entering a full blown midlife crisis. no, dreaming about sexy men is not the symptom. if it were, i'd have been institutionalised years ago. what i mean is that i am totally and completely overpowered by the need to go dancing. i haven't felt this way in years and i think i might need help. in fact, i am now beginning to understand what women mean when they say they really really want children*. except, i don't want children; i want to go dancing but it's a deep seated physiological need. i really very badly need to shake my tookus to some hip and happening tuneage. the fact that i am using words like "tookus", "hip", and "tuneage" ought to give you a pretty good idea how long it's been.

please, someone, anyone, take me dancing.

*except my desire is less environmentally demanding, easier to satisfy and much quicker to get out of the system: win-win-win all around, then, no?


Zhoen said...


Geneviève said...

You can go when you're back in Edmonton. It can keep you warm when it's -100 with wind chill.

jools said...

come, let us cut the rug!