15 February, 2011

girls in cars and boys who are stars

allow me to be self-indulgent for a minute, i have to share this one with y'all:

let me set the scene: there's a movie. i'm in it. in it, i drive a small old red car (hyundai? dodge neon? some kind of shit car, anyways) really really really fast. it's a car chase and it's FUN! my role is small, but it's a role in a hollywood film filled with famous sexy people.

after the car chase, as i walk off the set i run into yummy, yummy colin firth.

moi: colin firth! i shall call you colin firth! because that is your name!

yummy, yummy, colin firth: yes!

moi: hi! we've met before!

y. y. c. f. : yes, we had. i thought you were a servant.

moi: a servant? no! i am a star! i have literally several scenes in this film!

y. y. c. f. : ah! well, nice to meet you!

moi: nice to meet you, colin firth!

and then the bloody alarm went off which was a pity, because you can be certain that if i was faced with the yummy, yummy colin firth in a dream, i would have taken full sexual advantage of the man situation. instead, i had to get up, eat a bowl of cottage cheese and now i'm off to zumba. oh, the humanity!


Geneviève said...

I hate it when that happens. Thankfully, this morning I was pulled out of a dream where I was about to miss the plane. To where, I do not know but it was stressful.

puncturedbicycle said...

"Literally several scenes" - !!!

Colin Firth is our neighbour... by which I mean he lives in the next town, but hey! I get my dry cleaning and shoe repairs done there, so that's as good as.

(Yeah, that's all I got.)

the polish chick said...

AAAAAAHHH! can i come over? can i come over and take in your dry cleaning? and shoe repairs? please?!

Lucy said...

Awww, shame.