09 February, 2011

on stating the obvious (i think i was really really tired)

driving home last night:

moi: (à propos nothing*) i don't like ice cream cakes.

mr. monkey: oh yeah?

moi: uh-hm.

mr.monkey: ...

moi: i don't like ice cream much either.

mr. monkey: hm.

moi: ...

mr.monkey: ...

moi: ice cream cakes are made of ice cream.

mr. monkey: ah.

*ok, we had just driven past dairy queen with its pink advert for a valentine heart-shaped ice cream cake and i can't imagine anything worse... except maybe a dozen red long stemmed roses sent to my place of employment to trumpet my partner's love for me to the unwashed masses. gack.


Zhoen said...

Yeah, but February 15 is Half Price Chocolate Day.

the polish chick said...

now that's something i can get behind. provided we're not talking about a chocolate ice cream cake.

Geneviève said...

That sounds as coherent as I am every day after 7:00 pm.

Alison Cross said...

That sounds soooo like the sort of conversation I might have with Tertarus. I wonder, is he REALLY in the Gulf of Mexico when he's not with me? Could he have a whole other existence as Mr Monkey???

Ali x

Lucy said...

We used to have a thing called arctic roll when I was growing up. It was sort of swiss roll cake lines with a bit of jam and a big sort of of of vanilla ice cream. Believe me in 1970s Britain this represented some form of gourmet heaven.

I mostly like ice cream on hot things so it starts to melt.