08 February, 2011


on the ferry, watching UFC* in the car:

mr. monkey: wow! he just kicked that guy right in the liver! he's DOWN!

moi: where is the liver, anyway**?

mr. monkey: in the stomach somewhere...

moi: ah. i suspected as much.

* the polish film*** we had watched earlier had left such deep emotional scar tissue on both our souls that we needed some clear-cut blood and violence to cleanse our metaphorical palate, if you'll allow me to awkwardly mix my metaphors.

** there's one thing one can say about UFC - it's a great way to learn a little about the human anatomy.

***if you do not speak polish and cannot read the synopsis, ask someone to kick you repeatedly in the nether regions, as this will give you a fair approximation of the film's emotional effect.


Geneviève said...

I tried to think of something to say but couldn't. Sorry.

Alison Cross said...

Is there a Polish version of Jeanne Claude Van Damme (not that I've EVER seen ANY of his films of course).

Liver - very tasty with fava beans and a chianti ;-D

the polish chick said...

ali, i don't know. i don't normally watch polish films because they are too bloody depressing. this one confirmed it.

having an ass-kicking muscle-bound belgian in it, would have been a vast improvement. instead? "realistic" marital strife ending in family violence, an attempted double homicide and suicide, an in-jail stroke and depression.

next time mr. monkey puts on a polish film to make the ferry ride go by quicker, i think i'll swim.