18 February, 2011

if punctation and grammar are not your secret lovers, skip this one

having done some research about punctuation (yes, i know, i know), i have become aware of the disturbing fact that for years now i have been using american punctuation specifically in relation to commas, periods and quotation marks. and since i am a stickler for british spelling, i think it only fitting that i get my punctuation in line with the british way. if this bothers you, feel free to tell me and i will free to listen or ignore you. the last sentence in body of the previous post uses british punctuation rules. it'll be our little experiment, ok? let's see how we like it.

i realise that the majority of you do not give a shit, but some might. i know i do.

carry on, then.


Alison Cross said...

I'd much prefer it if my secret lover was Dave Grohl, but since that' not happening, punctuation and grammar would do for a three-in-the-bed session.

Least it won't give me cystitis.

Hope you're having a good weekend, m'dear!

Ali x

the polish chick said...

wow, ali, i actually had to look him up. i had no idea who he was. quite christ-like, he seems, are you working through religious issues over there?

i don't know how a in-bed session with punctuation and grammar would go, to be perfectly honest. i suppose punctuation would tickle a bit, and grammar? too prim and proper to really get down and dirty.

Geneviève said...

The old me used to care about this kind of thing. Now that I'm not in communications, I really don't give a shit what system people use, as long as the message is clear. That's the point of punctuation, after all. But you go ahead and enjoy it the British way. Hum, that sounds a bit kinky.

Brad said...

and then there's Canadian Press Style, which is adopted not only by the press but by many university and government agencies as well. The work I do follows CP style, in terms of spellings and structure.

puncturedbicycle said...

Ooh, how exciting! I love it when I discover a grammar niche of which I have lived in ignorance.

Alison Cross said...

He's maybe a bit christ-like looking these days with his long hair and beardy thing going on, but he's most definitely NOT a religious leader.

Unless the Foo Fighters have now become a religion. I would join THEM.

I adore him because he often looks really geeky in his videos, but he's prettttty sexy underneath it all.

Ali x

Young at Heart said...

well, what can I say???