08 February, 2011

crazy little thing called onomatopoeia

hi. i've been away for a while and i know you're worried that contrary to my assurances in the previous post, i have been expiring from both syphilis and tuberculosis, plus other ailments which i might have left unspoken because, you know, they're embarrassing... unlike syphilis.

but no. no, what i have been doing is sorting through my (impressive) internal collection of Very Bad Words, trying to figure out which would be most fitting for mr. monkey's organization which, as is its wont, has exercised its typical care and usual thoughtfulness and given us our marching orders 4 days after the date had passed for giving legal notice to our landlords. oh, how i love that company. our marching orders are to leave the island, bundle up our belongings and ride a donkey over the snow-covered mountain passes into alberta in less than 2 weeks, because who needs more than 2 weeks to tie up all manner of loose ends, find a place to live (well before the end of the month, natch) and hire movers? why, we certainly don't.

still, before i unleash an honest to goodness bitch-storm, i must admit that it ain't all bad: they're moving us, start to finish. and the job that's waiting for mr. monkey out east* will be a typical 8h day, something he has not had these last 7 years or so. also, my parents' tenants just gave notice and will vacate a handy and extremely well located condo right in time for our laden donkey's arrival.

and so, we're coming back to edmonton sooner than planned. sure, it's not what i had hoped for (i had hoped for april, so that my winter would be cut a little shorter), but it's all good. edmonton is like an old pair of pants, familiar and comfortable. they may not be the nicest pants, but they're my pants and they feel nice on. plus, i suspect they make my ass look good.

*god, it's weird to call alberta "east," all maps be damned.


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Anne said...

Rat-bastards! I'll be in BC in May, but you won't. I can't believe your husband's company is not getting approval from your random internet friends before making this kind of decision! Oh, the humanity.