26 January, 2011

shake that thang, shake it, shake it, shake it!

well, another day and nothing to see here. i am getting a little pissed, people! can't someone break in here, "hack-in" in the parlance of our times, and write something? jesus! do i have to do everything myself? what?! whaddya mean this is my blog? who asked you anyway?

so, what's been new with you? moi? i've started taking the zumba class at curves. it's a hoot. it is taught by a rather rotund latina who can do things with her hips that, i swear, ought not be legal. imagine, if you will, a class filled to the brim with proper elderly white ladies all staring lasciviously at the hypnotic ass shaking it up in our midst. it's a bit odd.

what's odder still is how absolutely terrible all these proper elderly white ladies are at shaking their thing. it's all i can do to keep a straight face when i see the random arm wavings and leg steppings that have little, if anything, to do with either the steps being taught or, more importantly, the music. now i know i have issues with the whole right-left differentiation, but i just let the music do its thing, and i move. i figure it's more important to move (and the music demands that i move) than to get the right leg-arm combination.

i love zumba. love it. love it for the sweat-inducing fun that doesn't feel like exercise, love it for the fast pace, and love it for the sheer entertainment value it provides for my desiccated grey soul. i suspect a class taught in an immigrant-rich neighbourhood would not provide me so much comedic fodder. i suspect that there is no social group quite as uncoordinated and out of touch with their bodies as the be-permed women of the 50's generation. which begs the question - weren't these the girls who shrieked over the beatles? what deep seated sexual anxieties removed their ability to wiggle their rumps?

in other news, day three of fog begins. i think i shall miss its velvety enfolding when i go.


Zhoen said...

Oh, I would love that! (off to look it up...)

I know what you mean, in belly dance classes though. Those rhythms get inside and I have to move to them, but so many women my age just can't seem to feel them at all.

Anonymous said...

I loved my zumba class. Then it got cancelled. I'll look for something like it in my new 'hood. Glad you love it!

Mother Theresa said...

Zumba! I love it too! Unfortunately, we don't have it this year...just regular aerobics and step. Have fun shaking your booty! :D