27 January, 2011

llamas? they went that-a-way!

gah! this is the third week in a row that i've forgotten to put out the recycling/garbage + compost* and i hope this isn't evidence of some kind of mental break-down, because you know that i am naturally anal-retentive, super-organized (i was going to write ├╝ber-organized but didn't feel like hunting around for ├╝mlauts, and yet, look, i've done it twice now!) and i hate it when i act like a forgetful early onset alzheimers type. and i have been, i really have.

you don't know this, because all you get is the finished product (riddled with asides and asterisks though it might be), but i spend countless hours looking up words that i sort of remember the sound or shape of but cannot place exactly. words like "the" or "and" and "pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism." it's pretty scary, actually, how badly i feel i've deteriorated. and having 2.5 languages in my head ain't helping either, 'cause what you get is this polinglish fusion floating through my brainwaves and then nikt nic nie rozumie, no nie? that's what i thought, too.

oh well, here i am, fighting the good fight with my fall-aparty brain (i'm fairly certain there's a better word than "fall-aparty" but damned if i can remember it, and i'm getting pretty sick of googling things like "a word that means fall-aparty but more technical sounding") and you're forced to lap up the results, poor, poor poultries. hey, i won't be mad if you go read something brilliant or funny. really, i won't!

*we have compost pick-up every week, with alternating garbage and recycling. i rarely have any garbage, what with the compost and recycling, but i have A LOT of recycling and having missed it yet again, i am forced to drive to the recycling depot and hand sort all the tiny pieces of paper and yogurt tubs** and plastic tomato containers*** while knee deep in mud surrounded by (nice recycling) idiots who can't decide whether it's angle parking or parallel parking and hey, let's do a little bit of each, thus effectively rendering the parking lot useless to anything more than 3 vehicles, oh yes.

**i eat a lot of yogurt. no, i mean, A LOT. i eat so much yogurt that i think it's a little odd and i am almost embarrassed but i really, really love yogurt. a lot.

***is it my bloody fault that the only tomatoes that taste like anything even vaguely tomato-like come in overpackaged dolphin-murdering oil-slick-perpetrating abominations? is it? yes, yes, i realise it's not tomato season and i could wait until june but i need my fucking lycopene, people, OK?!?!?!? (it calms me down.)


Zhoen said...

Have you thought of getting a yogurt maker?

the polish chick said...

actually, my cousin's wife makes a lot of yogurt using nothing more than a bowl, milk and a handful of bacterial culture, so i plan to do that one of these days, although i haven't decided which of these days it'll be. but soon.

Anonymous said...

You aint seen nottin'. I forget to the most basic things these days. Like my age. Or turning the stove off. It's very, very bad. I hate to see what menopause brings. And then I'll have old age to look forward to. If my brain is like this at 38, it's bad news. But at least you'll be in good company, my friend. We'll sit there and drool together.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

"floating through my brainwaves and then nikt nic nie rozumie, no nie? that's what i thought, too."

That made me laugh for real!

Have you ever put your yogurt in an ice cream maker? I know, I know, you probably have. I think I'm some sort of genius yogurtsmith. But add a little lemon? Or Crystal Light lemonade powder? Yum.

the polish chick said...

oh. my. god. becky just commented on my blog! i am having lightheadedness and heart palpitations and palm sweat, i swear! i LOVE your blog, you are a comedic genius. you are insane. i might even love you a little. and now with the yogurt tips? AAAAAHHHHH!