20 January, 2011

and there it was: xanadu!

it's 7:58 am, i'm watching what passes for a sunrise on a rainy day, that gradual, water-colour brightening of the sky, all tie-dyed and gloomy, and i am thinking that perhaps i ought to just open up this here old thing and type something, anything. perhaps it'll be worth the effort it takes you to read it, perhaps not. let's see...

so, we're leaving. true, we still don't know when, although the where has become more concrete. mr. monkey came home last week and, in the middle of dinner, asked me if i wanted to hear the good news or the bad news first. my stomach immediately plummeted to the general toe vicinity, and, without thinking too much about it, i asked to hear the bad news* first. he chuckled and said he was just kidding, there was no bad news. after i managed to suppress the urge to throttle the monster, and after my stomach slowly and painfully crawled its way back up to its rightful place, i found out that we were going back to alberta, but not back to fort mcmurray.

it's astonishing how much of a sweetener that last bit can be. i suspect it could be used to take the edge off any number of atrocious news:

"i've just killed your mother with an axe... but on the upside, we're not moving to fort mcmurray!"
"i've cheated on you with both your brother and your best friend, but hey! we're not going to fort mcmurray!"
"the meteor is going to crash in 24 hours and there's no hope of survival for humanity! thank god, we're not in fort mcmurray!"
"i'm sorry: it's incurable, terminal and exceedingly painful, but at least you're not going to die in fort mcmurray."

and so, there it is. not long after that, i had lunch with g who asked me how i was taking the news. i'm taking it well. perhaps it was the 3 weeks spent back home with family, or the 3 weeks spent being charmed by one of the world's greatest infants, or the fact that edmonton has my favourite ethiopian place AND an amazing pizza joint AND anthropologie AND no provincial sales tax... well, you might say i'm lying to myself or trying to talk myself into a good place. first of all, even if that were the case - what's wrong with that? and second of all, no, i'm good. i'm genuinely happy to be going back home.

does that mean that i won't be sad to leave vancouver island? not a chance. the fact that last weekend we planted seedlings in the sunshine, wearing nothing but long sleeve t-shirts; the fact that buds are starting to thicken on some trees already; the fact that tulips are poking their way out of the earth and it's january, cannot be discounted. in fact, aside from the breathtaking beauty of this place, its main attraction is its short, mild winter. and, as i always say about edmonton: i love the river valley, i love the city, i love the restaurant scene and the music scene, in fact, i love it all... except for the dreary grey 7 months of winter, and not much can be done to change that.

so, my little poultries, here am i. on the cusp of change yet again and finally learning to embrace it. maybe it's just stockholm syndrome, but i think i'm getting used to all this moving around... provided we're not moving to fort mcmurray.

*i always ask to hear the bad news first. you?


Zhoen said...

Yeah, bad news over with first, then dessert.

Wow, that place looks awful. And they're moving part of it to my state, yay.

jools said...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're not going back to Fort Mac, but I'm sad you're leaving BC. You better come visit lots.

Anonymous said...

Oh and definitely bad news first. Kick Mr. Monkey for me. That was a nasty joke. Especially considering that the bad news could have been moving to the tar pits.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a heck of a lot to this slice of Canada than mild winters. Where to begin? Nuttin' wrong with liking Edmonton, but some perspective, please. :)

the polish chick said...

are you kidding me? this, here's paradise. but i'm going back to earth, so i need to focus on the good available to me on earth.

perspective? no such thing in this case. i think bc is incomparable. the end.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear you are leaving BC, but glad you aren't heading back to FTM,,,, Good luck with your move-Maybe you can work for T&L in their new office, (wouldn't that be awesome)
Take care, TH

the polish chick said...

wow, TH! i didn't know you were still reading this here thing!

yup, we're moving. but we'll be back - we bought the land as an insurance policy, to make sure we come back. give us a few years.

and we'll be dropping by van, many a long weekend, i'm sure. perhaps one of these times we could finally have that drink!

Anonymous said...

I still check in on you once in awhile.lol ( I like your art work too)
Yes it would be nice too see you, let me know when you are going through....And I hope you have mild winters while you are there. TH

Lucy said...

Had a pleasant dawdle at the Ethiopian. Glad you're feeling chipper about the move.

Lucy said...

Oh yes, and I always ask for bad news first too, I think you're meant to, aren't you?

the polish chick said...

i don't know. i think there might be people out there who ask for the good news first. in fact i believe someone said just such an odd and silly thing to me recently.