14 December, 2010

oh sure, now the inspiration comes...

just as i suspected, as soon as i made my grand exit stage left in come The Thoughts. ok, here goes nothing:

since i am now 1 whole inch (possibly even 2!) shorter, i got to thinking about what else isn't as it ought to be. perhaps i'm not as witty as i like to think. perhaps my cooking is unpalatable. maybe my IQ is only barely making the double digits instead of floating way up there.* what if i am where i am, professionally speaking, not because i am lazy and lack ambition, but because i am stupid and this is the best i can do? perhaps things are much much worse than i imagine, and, being a paranoid hypochondriac, i often think they are pretty bad. what if my whole self image is entirely imaginary and has nothing to do with reality?

all this, because i have suddenly lost an inch.

but then again, the pants i try on while shopping persist in being too short, so maybe, just maybe, things are still right with the world.

*when you are doing nothing much, it is very heartening to think that you are a really really intelligent person doing nothing much and not just another dumbass doing nothing much. the difference is staggering to the self, although it is imperceptible to the world at large.


Alison Cross said...

Just wear a higher heel ;-)

Or surround yourself with shorter people!

*I* think you're lovely. Does that count for much?



Zhoen said...

Best not to fret the details too much.

Mother Theresa said...

Don't worry, size doesn't matter (except for certain male body parts, but we should let them think that doesn't matter either). ;)
And you sound anything but stupid to me, so I think that is not an issue. I'd also say that writing such an entertaining blog can hardly be called "nothing".

Rouchswalwe said...

you're back ... hurrah!

jools said...

"what if my whole self image is entirely imaginary and has nothing to do with reality?" liberation!

the polish chick said...

ali - higher heels would make my pants even shorter, but the shorter people thing is a go!

zhoen - but that's my personality! if i stopped fretting, what would i do with all the free time?

mom theresa - gee, thanks. i guess i meant nothing that puts bread on the table, which is ok since i am cutting back on carbs before the holiday gluttony.

rouchswalwe - aw, gee, thanks! i'm blushing!

jools - you've got a point.

Anonymous said...

If you hang out only with short people, what will that mean for me?

And if you stop fretting, what will that mean for my regular dose of humour that is your blog?

As for career versus intelligence, well in my experience there isn't nearly as much correlation as one might think. For example, I'm pretty stupid to work as hard as I do. The stress is likely taking years off my life.