13 December, 2010

the incredible shrinking woman

for various clandestine reasons, i decided to measure my height today, and because i happen to know my weight in pounds and not civilised kilograms (don't ask), i had to measure myself in inches to match. well, dear poultries, either i've been lied to for years, or i'm shrinking.

all these years i've been going around proclaiming to all and sundry that i am 5'10" (even 5'11" on a good day!) and it turns out that i am only 5'9". how did this happen? when did this happen? and why? WHY?! my BMI is now utterly fucked up and i am but a shadow of my former self (in the height, if not in the weight, department).

comment now, before i disappear entirely.

UPDATE: mr. monkey measured me as soon as he came home from work, and it's official. i'm 5'9". that's not the worst part. the worst part is that i have always been the same height as mr. monkey and now he's 1.5" taller than i am and visibly so. what is happening to me?


Rouchswalwe said...

I also was 5'10" ... until 2 years ago, when the health checker told me I was 5'9" ... then last year, they wrote 5'9 1/4" on my chart! The thing to remember about the BMI is that it was meant to measure population trends, not individuals. Hurrah! Because I like my ale with supper! Here by way of hhnb ... Hallo!

Zhoen said...

You have to keep your head level. Tilt it so the bottom of the ear is the same level as the bottom of the nose. If you've gotten different numbers, at some point you were measured incorrectly.

the polish chick said...

hi, rouchswalwe, welcome, welcome! i am only looking at my BMI as compared to my previous BMI and the difference cannot be attributed to the sudden drop in height alone, oh no. otherwise, how do you expect the incredible shrinking waistlines?

zhoen, i did the best i could given that i was alone. i'll let mr.monkey remeasure me later because this is just plain weird. it's possible (i hope) that because i was twisting myself into a pretzel to do this, i somehow lost that inch.

i'm fairly certain, however, that i was always getting 5'10" before, so let's just call it my own mistake and stick with the larger number.