09 December, 2010

in which i compare myself to a high ranking religious figure and the world responds with an awed hush

in light of the previous post: lest you think i am a bitter black-hearted bag who shoots reindeer and spits on the joyousness of the season, let me tell you: this bitter black-hearted bag LOVES christmas, i just don't love the massive marketing aspect of it.

i love the smell of cookies baking; i am like a little kid when it comes to twinkling lights; i even love schmaltzy christmas music (as long as it is played responsibly, within the confines of december). overall, christmas is my all time absolute favourite holiday, filled with my favourite foods and the only time of year when i get frequent and multiple opportunities to wear sparkly clothes!

i realise the previous post might have sounded a little...cold, but, much like our lord jesus christ* who kicked down the market that had sprung up on the temple steps, i am kicking at the materialistic idiocy that has taken the place of family- and food- centered warm fuzzies. take that, capitalism!

*enjoy, you are unlikely to ever hear such a comparison again.
*my internal voice deepened when i spoke these words, all solemn-like.
*in whom i do not believe. yes, alanis, isn't it ironic?


Alison Cross said...

I worship you anyway :-)

This weekend I'm having a small boy round to stay, Meerkat. On Sunday morning when they wake up, there will be a small wanky present for them from me. They will be compelled to wear reindeer antler headbands. They will have to listen to Christmas music ALL day. They will only get to watch Christmas films.

I believe in getting in the mood early :-D

Ali x

the polish chick said...

that sounds like a blast! can i come over too? i'll make spiced wine, we can bake cookies, sing off key and embarrass the children!

Country Gent said...

Bah humbug.

Country Gent said...

and I want a small wanky present.

Lucy said...

Bitter black-hearted bags rock.

A stocking-full of small wanky presents to you all, and god bless us every one!

herhimnbryn said...

Here via One Word. So glad I found your blog. You have had me chuckling into my morning mug of tea!

the polish chick said...

hi, herhimbryn, welcome, welcome. an especially warm welcome to a fellow eddie izzard aficionado!

Zhoen said...

The best gifts come uninvited, unexpected, out of season, from tangents and strange places.

Bah. Humbug. In the best possible way.