17 December, 2010

celine dion versus the universe

blame the extended pre-christmas line-ups at the grocery store, but my eyes were drawn to a people magazine cover featuring celine dion and her brand new twins. the quote on the cover made me do a double take:

"...what we have accomplished...it's bigger than life itself."

wow, ms.dion, way to put things in perspective. and here i thought that having babies was a natural part of our existence.


Zhoen said...

Quoth DEATH, (via Terry Pratchett,)

"Ah. Drama."

the polish chick said...

weeeee! i adore having pratchett, adams, or izzard quoted at me! thanks, ms. zhoen for making my night!

Country Gent said...

I thought you were breaking up with us. Several posts later, I think you still want a few quickies to ease the guilt/pain.

See you soon.

the polish chick said...

you don't pay attention, do you, mr. t? it wasn't a break-up, it was a trial separation, and i was flooded with ideas immediately after posting my temporary exit post. so it goes.

and i do believe it's called "ex sex"

Country Gent said...

They always say "trial separation". Hmmm.

More ex sex please.

Lucy said...

Celine Dion seems to be a staple of all the French gossip mags too. It must be because the shape of her face fits well onto the covers, leaving plenty of room for sidebar blather about Johnny Halliday and Gerard Depardieu and loads of French celebs I've never heard of.

OK, I know quips about CD's physiognomy* are cheap and unoriginal, but c'est moi.

Actually most French gossip mags seem to be preoccupied with the martyrdoms and ordeals and other sufferings of their celebrity subjects, rarely their joys and successes, unlike the anglo-saxon model. I think it's a Catholic thing.

* CD walks into a bar and the barman says 'Aw Celine, why the long face?'

Lucy said...

And a happy New Year to you!

Mother Theresa said...

Well, technically she's right, it is bigger than life itself...it's two lives, so that's double the life. ;D