09 November, 2010


...should i write something? even if i have nothing to write?

oh, what the hell, something is bound to leak out of my brain and onto the keyboard if i just whack it enthusiastically enough. surely i have better chances (statistically, at least) than those monkeys we are waiting for to produce another shakespearean* oeuvre.

oh hell, i'm beat. i think this is all you'll get out of me tonight, but if anyone has any idea how to take two actual sugar pumpkins and turn them into an edible product (like pie, for instance), i'd be thrilled to hear about it. right now i have fallen in thrall to their rotund orange cuteness and am using them in a purely decorative manner. sooner or later, however, i must face my fear, scalp and eviscerate them and turn them into that very best of autumnal desserts. help.

*english, as much as i love you, i must say that one of these days i will leave you for a phonetic language. who the hell needs so many a's and e's in his name? who? and why?


Country Gent said...

I'm not sure what the hell a "sugar pumpkin" is, but I made this recipe at Thanksgiving and it was a smashing success. The maple whipped cream was amazing.


Country Gent said...

And no, I didn't make it from a can. I cut up the whole freakin' pumpkin, boiled it down and made puree.

the polish chick said...

a sugar pumpkin is the kind of pumpkin best suited to pie filling on account of its sweetness, as the name suggests.
and while i appreciate the recipe, it's the whole turning the pumpkin into puree thing that has me stumped.

puncturedbicycle said...

May I suggest halving, de-seeding and roasting it (about 30mins), then scooping the flesh out of the skin and letting it drain in a sieve or colander for a while. Puree, mix with sugar, eggs and spice and you're there.

Unlike Country Gent, I advocate roasting for the following reasons: 1) there is a lot of moisture in there already and by roasting you're getting rid of some (rather than cooking it in water and) 2) peeling a raw pumpkin is like carving wood and roasting it first is the easy, lazy way.

Good luck. It's worth it.

the polish chick said...

thanks all! you gots to love the interwebs!

jools said...

i nuke my squashes, and it turns out great, or at least fast.

how about a lentil and pumpkin soup with cumin? mmmmm, soup.