03 November, 2010

polish is as polish does

having had some time to lick my wounds and mend my broken pride, on friday last i girded my loins, screwed my courage to the sticking place, and made one more (and hopefully final) attempt to get the polish consulate to get my marriage to mr. monkey officially recognized in poland.

as i rode the bus to the ferry, death got on, but as it was nearing halloween, i did not take this as a bad sign. and indeed, all went well.

the bureauwench sported a bright blue wig, on which i commented brightly, the consulate was also entering into the spirit of the season by offering a large platter of one of my favourite polish confections, bird's milk (don't knock it till you tried it: it is a sort of chocolate covered better-than-a-marshmallow centre). more importantly, however, the papers i had with me proved to finally be the correct ones. hurray!

once the marriage is officially recognized in poland, i will be able to apply for a polish passport and the whole fantastic paperlicious bureau-rama can begin all over again. thank the good lord above the polish passport is good for a decade. i really would rather not have to spend any more time at the consulate than is absolutely necessary, bird's milk notwithstanding.


jools said...

the eu will be your oyster! good for you!

Anonymous said...

The only good thong that came from all this is that got to see you on the several occasions that you had to cone to the big city.

the polish chick said...

it's a good thong indeed.

Zhoen said...

Remember to keep you nose to the grindstone and your shoulder to the wheel.

Anonymous said...

That was a most unfortunate typo. I blame the iPhone. Though it did give me a good laugh at the end of a stressful day.

the polish chick said...

moi aussi!