04 November, 2010

now it all makes sense!

read it and weep.

aggression - check!
speeding - check!
reduced inhibition (in the form of running off at the mouth or inappropriately sharing my innermost secrets with the interwebs) - check!
rocking at soccer - um...not so much.

babies, i think i've just figured out why i am the way i am.

thanks a lot, kitten!


jools said...

i know what you are talking about! i read the article a while back. it's an interesting theory. makes me think of a book called 'filth'. the tapeworm in a cop's gut is the narrator and, i think, a bit of a puppet master. i don't recall liking the book very much, but the idea is good.

the polish chick said...

dude, i'd kill for a tapeworm. it's like nature-friendly liposuction and if it was my puppet master, well, i think i could use some direction in life.

Zhoen said...

As proof, he points to a study done in six European cities and published in the July 2000 issue of the British Medical Journal. It found, he says, "no association between toxoplasmosis and having a cat, litter box cleaning or having a cat that hunts."

Instead, the study concluded that the main risk factors for acute toxoplasmosis infection were eating undercooked lamb, beef or game (30% to 63% of infections), contact with soil (6% to 17%), and travel outside Europe and North America. "Contact with cats," the study concluded, "was not a risk factor."


A lot of doctors are not cat lovers.

the polish chick said...

hm, but i very very rarely eat beef, hate it undercooked, and haven't had game or lamb in nearly a decade. our travel has been fairly local as of late, too. but hey, i have been grubbing about in soil a wee bit, so maybe that's it! good thing i got a tetanus shot too recently. at the rate i'm going i'm picking up every odd thing around.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to get rid of the parasite?

Alison Cross said...

oh never let the fact that you are sharing your innermost secrets with potentially millions of others stop you from saying anything.

You just never know who you will entertain or even help with a frank admission or a half-assed recollection ;-)

I think a tapeworm might be the way forward for me, personally.

I'd give it a name and everything.

Ali x

Lucy said...

There's something incredibly devious about a parasite that encourages rats to be less afraid of cats so that they get closer to them as the parasite's natural host. But where's the interest for the parasite in making people drive like idiots or making you confess your secrets on the internet?

Very interesting, but also slightly disappointing, somehow, to think that much about our personalities might simply be a matter of pussybugs in the system.