18 November, 2010


who knew that a month so lowly and dim, so dingy and depressing could be so very very important? not only is november the month to write a novel (NaNoWriMo), it is the month of daily blogging(NaBloPoMo), and now, apparently also the month for growing a mustache(Movember).

well, i'm fairly certain i don't have a novel in me. nope. i'm more of one-facebook-status-update-per-day-punctuated-by-the-occasional-swear-studded-rant type of a person. daily blogging sounds like too much bloody work and the less said about my mustache growing ability the better. so. what can november be for moi? hmmmm...


NaEOWiMo - national ease off the wine month (in preparation for the upcoming celebrations of the birth of little beby jebus)

CAFASTDWINETIRWHAIHRBYMo - cold as fuck and sick to death of winter even though it isn't really winter here and it hasn't really begun yet month

SlODaWODishMo - slacking on daily washing of dishes month

PlaFruTNoAYBloKidMeAYITrAWeSsDoItMo - planting fruit trees in november, are you bloody kidding me? and yet it's true and we shall do it! month

BuLarPiWOAGetFilInTProMo - burning large piles of wood and getting filthy in the process month

DriCheBeWYoMo - drinking cheap beer with yokels month (see above)(and i don't mean my friends, in case y'all are reading this, i mean the party crashers, obv.)

SpenVaQuaOMoIOWIWComUnToChriMo - spending vast quantities of money in one week in a way completely unrelated to christmas month (more on that later)

and thus ends my post. if you think any of the above are fine ideas that need to be spread unto the masses like so much well aged manure, go forth, i dare ya!

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Lucy said...

Well I don't know but I had fun trying to say them all aloud...