15 November, 2010

le weekend

friday: elitist snobbery (self proclaimed, joyously and repeatedly) over a delicious dinner with r & k (several bottles of plummy southern italian red might or might not have been consumed) followed by a cab ride home and as much emergency rehydration as possible in preparation for:

saturday and sunday: rubber boots, soot, ash, big piles of wood and scrub, cans of pork'n beans and some cheap beer. turns out our elitist snobbery makes for poor clothing choices when facing a large fire. who knew big name gore-tex and polar fleece were highly flammable? thank god for neighbours who lent us their farming clothes which were not. flammable that is.

all day saturday and sunday we tended to flames, logs, brush and all manner of smelly dirty things, knee deep in mud. there was something gloriously liberating in allowing myself to get absolutely filthy.

saturday night, we needed to stop in at wal-mart to pick up a pair of rubber boots for mr. monkey, and in one of the low points of the evening, i caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and had to burst out laughing. you know things are bad when you feel like you're underdressed for wal-mart. alas, there i was, covered in mud (top to bottom, quite literally), greasy hair mostly hidden under a stupendously ugly fleece cap, various colours of mud, beans and soot on my face, and...well...a trifle smelly.

today? muscle pain. a lot of muscle pain. and how was your weekend?


Zhoen said...


Country Gent said...

So we can expect to see you in one of those ubiquitous "People of Walmart" emails?

(I have to say I loved the one of the woman who went there without a top and just tucked her boobs into her pants. Priceless.)

the polish chick said...
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the polish chick said...

i tucked mine into my rubber boots and boy, did they get grubby!