29 November, 2010

bum foot and parasites

you might remember the hijinks and japes of my medical escapades in weeks past wherein i had an ultrasound, a biopsy, a CT scan and more blood taken out of my body than is generally considered polite, all to find out that my enlarged lymph nodes, far from being a symptom of the cancer, are merely the passing blurb of toxoplasmosis.

the thing that made me chuckle quietly to myself as i sat in a series of dismal waiting rooms* at the local hospital/medical laboratory/the ENT doctor's office/my GP's office, was that the joke was on them: they might think i was worried about my possible cancer/tuberculosis/unspecified medical badness but what really killed, was my foot. my plantar fasciitis has now reached a level of personal dedication and devotion that i would expect from a loving family pet: it is with me always, from waking to sleeping, and even that magical time in between as i take my midnight tinkle. i hobble. i limp. i galumph. and i finally went to see my GP about it. we had a fun conversation.

moi: the foot. it hurts. i wear my orthotics. i stretch it. i massage it. i ice it. it is getting worse. help.

GP: having exhausted all other possibilities, the thing to do next is an incredibly painful injection of a steroid into the heel.

moi: ok! how many do i need?

GP: only one ... i've only ever had to do one ... ... ... of course i'm not certain if it's because one was effective or if the patients didn't want to come back for a second one ... but i think one ought to do it.

moi: i'm in!

(like i said, the foot hurts like a sonofobitch)

*to be perfectly honest and factual and truthful, it was, for the most part, the same three waiting rooms during a series of days, but whatever.


Alison Cross said...

oh you pooooor thing!!! (((hug)))

You are indeed 'hirpling' around on that foot.

I hope that you get some relief from it soon, honey!


puncturedbicycle said...

My dear friend who suffers with rheumatoid arthritis had a terrible-sounding steroid injection in her foot, but the good news is that it was tolerable and worked very well. I think they gave her some sort of heavy sedation first, so it might be worth asking. Hope you're feeling better soon...

the polish chick said...

thanks for the good wishes, girls!

Zhoen said...

I've been in that waiting room.

Poor, dear feet. Go for the injection, it may just do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Dear Foot,
Don't be an ass (you're a foot, remember?). That's my good friend you're hurting for no good reason. Next time I see you I may have to flip you the bird if you don't smarten up. Now be a good little foot (remember, you're NOT an ass).