11 October, 2010

why i'll never be a fashion bloggeuse

as i get more and more entangled in the wonderful world of interwebs, as i meet more lovely people and read their blogs, sometimes, for fun, i go off on links to see what i can find. and what i've sometimes found is a sense of, how shall i say this, inadequacy, there! inadequacy.

women, lovely, intelligent women, often british, talk lightly about designers whose dresses they covet/purchase/wear and 1. i have no idea who any of these designers are and 2. i would never, not in a million years, spend £500 on a piece of clothing because it's like, twice that in dollars! and i'm cheap! that tom ford lipstick that's as much as half a mortgage payment? not for moi. it'd just end up decorating the rim of a wine glass anyhow.

so while it is conceivable that i will share the odd recipe with you, maybe some pictures, and probably even a rant on grammatical sins, you will not ever read me extolling the virtues of miu miu or louboutins. chances are, i'd spill red wine on them anyway, and then i'd be really pissed off.

are we all ok with this?

p.s. i like to think of myself as adequately put together and, if i do say so myself, i know how to wear a scarf like nobody's business, but my problem (if you want to call it a problem) is that i refuse to be uncomfortable (or broke) in the name of fashion so take me as i am.


Anonymous said...

Comfort above all else. On weekends I live in my yoga pants. Not Lululemon yoga pants, mind you, but knock-offs from discount clothing stores. Because I'm even more cheap than you are.

Happy thanksgiving. Today I'm thankful for good homemade food and for your blog, which I always look forward to.

the polish chick said...

gee, thanks, g! i wear my lulus because they instantly take 10 lbs off the ass, and that's worth any amount of money in my book!

happy turkey day!

Anonymous said...

Your ass does look amazing in those pants! I have considered getting some for that very reason. I may get them yet. I'm so full of tofurky and mashed potatoes that the pants could come in handy.
Good night.

Lucy said...

More than OK with me.

Yours in Decathlon yoga pants, and a nice Bon Prix v-neck t-shirt. I just wish stuff came in nicer dark colours. And I love scarves too, but you can't get the Indian silk ones so much anymore.

Anonymous said...

Five days without a post. I'm starting to feel the first symptoms of withdrawal.

Alison Cross said...

Love you just the way you are!!! Designer threads or not :-D

Ali xxxx

jools said...

i will take you, honey. where are you?