07 October, 2010

just when you thought it was safe to...

goddamn it all to hell, y'all know how much i like john irving: a lot. and then the bastard goes and uses "comprised" incorrectly and now i feel like there are no safe havens left in this universe. i feel punched in the literary solar plexus and i think i might cry myself to sleep tonight. or not. but i am so very very disappointed. almost as disappointed as if he'd written "jumped off of" or "for doris and i." almost, but not quite. why, the latter would have been a blatant deal breaker.

john, next time, use "composed" and leave "comprised" to those who know how to use it properly. ok? thanks.

whaddya mean did i take my dried frog pills?


Zhoen said...

Actually, it's covered under his (amended*) poetic license.

(Don't let the Dean hog 'em all.)

*Vol.116, pp 37-42.

the polish chick said...

oh sure, try quoting even the smallest bit of hemingway in an essay and the computer goes nuts. however, in my view, this does not fit under poetic license as it was not within the speech of a character but rather within the body of the text, from the narrator's mouth, as it were, and there's no two ways about it "comprised of" is simply wrong.

just so you know, i would fight to the death about this. after all, i'm the girl who just had a near death match with her mother-in-law regarding dumplings.

Zhoen said...

Is that the dumpling you want to die on?

the polish chick said...

no, not ON but apparently FOR. give me a shallow small belief and i shall fight multitudes. but it has to be something to do with food or books, otherwise i really couldn't care less.

a happy turkey weekend to you (don't know where you is, but here in canucklandia, it's turkey weekend).

Anonymous said...

Reading backwards as I'm catching up with you after a short absence. I'm SOOOOO with you on the people who don't understand prepositions. The otherwise entertaining Antonia over at Whoopee doesn't understand them - this disappointed me for weeks... :(

the polish chick said...

i know how you feel re: disappointment. i also know that i am far from perfect (take, for instance, my lack of capitalization) but certain things REALLY drive me to distraction. my biggest one is me/i. i am continually astounded that people find it hard to know which one to use. i fell like yelling, dude! i'm an immigrant and i get it! what's your problem?

and it's always harder when it's someone you admire. whoopee, after all, is incredibly smart and witty. and john irving...well, he's john irving!

Anonymous said...

But then I dither about writing in their comments that they should REALLY FUCKING GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER. As you say, it's not rocket science - yet when you point it out, you are made to feel like some grammar Nazi. This is not at all the point to be one up. It's just a basic level of education - especially for so many bloggers who believe that they are yo-hot writers. They don't seem to understand the basic mechanics of language.

By the way, your non-capitalisation doesn't matter - because your admirers know that that is your thang and we accept it.

Love your otherwise grammatically correct and linguistically succinct blog.

the polish chick said...

why, anonymous, you made me blush! thank you, whoever you might be. and yes, i hate being made to feel (not fell, see typo in my previous comment) that pointing out something like that makes me evil. i am not evil; i am anal.

however, i did once point something out to belgian waffle (re: the whole i/me thing) and she was very gracious and changed it! now that there's quality!