03 October, 2010

an inspirational list of things rustled up from the dusty corners of my addled brain

inspired by this, i thought that instead of shouting out to the heavens for advice, perhaps i could look within and rustle up something useful. here goes:

1. colour is best.
2. coffee? no, just no. not any more. irritability and the shakes are not a winning combination.
3. perhaps it might be a good idea to stop at that second glass of wine? just sayin'...
4. i can on occasion look great in pictures.
5. sunlight is gorgeous but there is a subtle quiet beauty in the fog

6. we should forgive those we love for small things more often than not, because, more often than not, they do the same for us
7. breathing deeply is sometimes all you need
8. newly discovered soothing music of melody gardot
9. slow. the hell. down.
10. not every nasty thing you think needs to see the light of day - sometimes shut-upping is the best course of action. really. no, REALLY.

11. love is the most vital thing and needs to be nurtured, not poked with a bitch stick.
12. how important will this be in 10 days? years? learn to let it go.
13. walks are nice. repeat daily.
14. more veggies please!
15. sometimes it's lovely to touch something soft and furry, even if it's the sheepskin on the couch

16. reading is preferable to facebook, now act accordingly
17. "mind over matter" is a great mantra, although it isn't always realistic
18. making peace with drying and putting away dishes from the sink feels far far better than expected
19. why not make your own sauerkraut? lacto-fermentation rocks!
20. post more pictures. sometimes words get stuck.

21. try to write a real paper letter, at least once a year.
22. remember to ask yourself if that which is keeping you up at night is actually your problem. if it is, solve it; if it isn't, let it go.
23. enjoy the feel of skin on skin: it will not always be there
24. there's no shame in being a morning person; it doesn't mean you're old, it means you like the quiet early hours and a long day ahead of you
25. real butter, full fat cheese, eggs from the chickens across the street, garlic from the east indian lady at the market, crusty bread and strawberries that taste like heaven

26. say "i love you" first and don't count how many responses you've gotten; it doesn't matter one whit
27. it's important to be surrounded by beauty and order and a made bed
28. try, just try, to see the good side of people and situations. work hard at this.
29. paint more, draw more, push the slumbering creative side of you. try to get over the fear of the blank page, it'll do you good.
30. it could be better, but it could also be worse

31. "calmer" is a possibility, make it a probability
32. you don't always know best and don't you forget it
33. listen more
34. don't read the comments on news websites, people can be supremely dumb and who needs to be constantly reminded of that?
35. remember the poems that fell whole into your lap, perhaps it will happen again, perhaps not.

36. try to be more gracious. it is better to be gracious than to be right
37. feeding friends and family feels lovely
38. love and respect your parents, they will not always be there
39. a great haircut is elusive but essential
40. no such thing as "good" china - life's too short to own ugly things

41. if you're not using it, give it to someone who will; if it's not making you happy, give it to someone who will love it well.
42. quality over quantity, in people as well as things
43. babies are scrumptious! no, i don't want a baby, or a dog...perhaps a cat...one day
44. linen, cashmere and silk really do feel worlds better than polyester and acrylic
45. exercise is not optional, can we once and for all just agree on that?

46. fresh flowers are a lovely indulgence, especially from the farmers' market
47. practise gratitude daily
48. you're not so bad. remember, your friends like you. remind yourself of that fact on those bad days.
49. fight negativity
50. let this be your motto: "leave things (places, people) better than you found them" and try to live up to it.


Country Gent said...

Good list. And it's always good to strive to be a better person, even if you are the reincarnation of Mother Teresa. My advice - bite off smaller pieces first. 49 or 50 things is a lot.

Zoe said...

Pretty great bunch of reminders and thing to strive towards. Thanks.

the polish chick said...

hi zoe, welcome, welcome. sadly, i cannot take credit for the idea. still, it's interesting that feeling so monumentally uninspired has resulted in my inspiring others. one of those forrest gumpian moments, i suppose.

jools said...

i like this! lovely and wise, and #11 teehee!

the polish chick said...

thank you, jools! i have a problem with #11. i use that stick A LOT.

Zhoen said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. Especially 6, 10, 21, 40. And as for 15, I have sheepskin on the sofa too, cat loves it.

the polish chick said...

thank you, zhoen, and thank you for the inspiration.

the good china thing is something i believe in deeply and live by with conviction and firmness. the rest, i try, oh god, how i try.

Lucy said...

I feel quite a bit choked and moved by this.

It can be a bitch being one of the twice born but would you have it any other way? You are, I think, more loveable than you believe. If you weren't you wouldn't be so hard on yourself.

I really like 6 too. And now I'm off to make the bed, which will get me started on other cheering things.