29 September, 2010

zombie noodles

i had a dream...it was an odd dream. all i remember is putting many sleeping kindergardeners into my father-in-law's van, the van careening out of control, me racing frantically through the van to reach the front and regain control of the vehicle. next thing you know, russel crowe is sharing his cooking tips and then, bam! i'm awake.

i woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee and found my arms had fallen completely asleep. i got out of bed, discovered my plantar fasciitis particularly painful, and thus i lurched, tingling arms hanging limply in front of me, thinking about russel crowe's recipe for pasta, like some kind of nighttime polish pasta zombie.

the point? you wanted a point? sorry, wrong blog.


Anonymous said...

You must have been quite the sight.

Alison Cross said...

Thank god you didn't wake up anyone else on the way to the loo!

Ali x

Zhoen said...

Loved your comment over at Box Elder, followed you back.

Freeze ice in a pop bottle, roll your soul over it. Takes time, but it does help the fasciitis.

the polish chick said...

hi zhoen, welcome, welcome. i am glad that my occasional spurts of coherence won me a new audience member! and thanks for the tip re: my foot. will give it a shot!